Thursday, December 30, 2010

We are very happy with the service, and highly recommend

For several years we have been working with the same provider to transcribe our depositions, case notes, interviews and field reports. In early 2010, we decided to evaluate our options. After discovering Idictate, we liked what we heard and decided to test their service.

After testing for a few months we polled our attorneys and field investigators, we found that the responses were all extremely positive and more. The turn-around time to get the files back was far more impressive than we had expected and were used to.

Although we normally opt for their "standard" delivery, their "rush" service returns files quite quickly. (Many of our files are rather large). In addition, the accuracy of the transcripts has been perfect.

Based on these internal comments, we made the decision to have Idictate transcribe all of our files across all of our offices.

Lastly, I have found their customer support to be extremely responsive to our needs and requests. And it probably wouldn't hurt to add that the change to Idictate is saving us a lot of money as well.

I could go on and on, but let me close by saying that we are very happy with the service, and highly recommend Idictate.


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