Saturday, November 27, 2010

iDictate Offers Half-Hour Service

iDictate Offers "Super-Rush" 30 Minute Transcription Service

iDictate ( has announced that it will offer 30 minute transcription service to its customers.

According to CEO Lee Dorfman, "If the user selects Super-Rush service, the transcript will be billed at a significant premium. In addition, there are a lot of restrictions with the Super-Rush program.  Super-Rush is only for situations where the user cannot wait for his or her finished file.

"Super-Rush files are billed at the rate of $0.05 (five cents) per word, but only if we complete the file within 30 minutes from the time we receive it. If we fail to deliver a qualifying Super-Rush file to the customer within 30 minutes, they will not be billed the Super-Rush rate but instead will be billed the normal Rush fee."

In order to qualify for Super-Rush delivery:
(a) your file must not exceed 1,000 (one thousand) words (which is approximately 8 minutes of audio)
(b) the audio must be single speaker
(c) the content must be either "General" or "Legal" (not medical)
(d) the audio must be in English, clearly spoken and without an accent
(e) your file must be uploaded to iDictate (as opposed to submitted by phone)
(f) hand-written notes do not qualify

Currently, the Super-Rush service is not available for files dictated by phone.
iDictate will continue to provide its "Regular" and "Rush" service.

About iDictate

iDictate was founded in 1999 and maintains an international client base spanning 4 continents. Voice recordings can be delivered to iDictate via phone (877-DICTATE), web upload, iPhone, and Blackberry.

Lee Dorfman, 866-367-5000