Friday, March 21, 2014

Quicktate Turns Google Voice Messages into More Accurate Transcripts

SAN FRANCISCO, CA  (Marketwired - March 20, 2014) - Quicktate has announced that it has developed a simple procedure to convert Google Voice messages into more accurate transcripts.

While Google Voice has millions of satisfied users, there are still a lot of complaints about the quality of its automated transcription.  According to many Google Voice users,  the transcripts are frequently unreadable, undecipherable, or don't make sense. For example, the message below was first transcribed by Google Voice (left), and then re-transcribed by Quicktate (right).

  Transcribed by Google Voice                Transcribed by Quicktate image00.jpg        image01.jpg

Quicktate solves this quality problem by automatically assigning Google Voice files to its team of professional transcribers who quickly convert the voice mail messages into clear and accurate text (assuming of course that a human can understand the message). The completed transcripts are then emailed back to the user along with a link to the audio.

Registered users may submit Google Voice mail messages to Quicktate on an as-needed basis (i.e. only when a more accurate transcript is needed) by simply forwarding the message to transcribe @, or may choose to automatically deliver all Google Voice mail messages to Quicktate. Instructions can be found at  In all cases, users will continue to receive their Google Voice messages and Google transcription just as they do now.

With higher quality transcripts, users can more easily read and understand their important messages, and can more reliably perform key-word searches in Google and in Evernote.

"Starting today, users can now enjoy all the benefits of Google Voice, and get high-quality transcription" according to Lee Dorfman, Quicktate's CEO. "Prices start at less than 1 cent per word, with plans available for General, Legal and Medical transcription."  

For faster turn-around-times, Google Voice users should select a General Transcription plan utilizing Global Typists.

Google Voice users may test Quicktate for free.  To get started, visit

About Quicktate
Quicktate provides high quality speech transcription, which easily integrates into existing services using a flexible REST API. Current applications include call auditing and transcribing voice mail messages, conference calls, iPhone, Android, and Evernote voice recordings. Specialties include medical, legal, general and law enforcement dictation. Quicktate is based in San Francisco, California.

Mr. Lee J. Dorfman
President and Chief Executive Officer
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